Printable Manufacturer Coupons

More Manufacturer Coupons:
You can find more coupons in sunday news paper. Every sunday your local news paper contain 2 or 3 coupon inserts by name Redplum, smartsource ,P&G
P&G will always have hight value coupons of P&G products but this insert will available only once a month. 
Redplum and smartsource different coupons the coupons change for week to week.The RedPlum and SmartSoruce website do not carry all the coupons which are avilable in the suday news paper insert.

Store Coupons:
Stores like target, walgreens, Cvs, Kroger there own store coupons which can be combined with the manufacturer coupons.These are the 3 stores i shop most to get the deals on groceries and cut my bills into half.

Walgreens: You can find walgreens store coupons in the weekly ad or Online Here. Walgreens also have a concept called Register Rewards. Register rewards is nothing but you will get a coupon if you buy the advertised product. This Register Rewards(RR) can be used as money on you next purchase for buying anything in store.You can also read about Walgreens Register rewards (RR) here these question answer most of your doubts. Click here 
Target : target also carry store coupon which can be printed Here. We can combine manufacturer coupon with the store coupons and buy the products with very little out of pocket.

Kroger : Kroger will have ecoupons as store coupon. You need to register online for adding ecoupons to your card and they will come out once you do the transaction automatically. You can create a kroger online account Here.