Wednesday, April 20

Free full size CoverGirl natureLure Lipgloss and Foundation

Click here to join Buzz agent and take the survey to recive free full size CoverGirl Nature lipgloss and Foundation. If you are selected you will recieve them in 21 days . They also come with $2 off any covergirl nature lure items.

BzzAgent is a word of mouth company. As an agent, you’ll receive FREE products to test so that you can “buzz” around and spread the word about these new products by letting people know how good – or bad they are. Most of the time, you’ll get additional FREE samples to pass out to friends and neighbors, so that they’ll have a chance to test out these new products as well. After you gain the feedback you need from the product you’re testing, you’ll write out a BzzAgent report which lets the “Central Hive” know how the product was.

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