Thursday, April 7

Recycle bank :Free Pistachios?

If you’re new around here, you are probably wondering what the heck Recyclebank is. Recyclebank partners with cities and haulers to reward households for recycling;  Once you have signed up for an account, you can start earning points immediately by clicking on the “Earn Points” tab and taking quizzes. You can then use your points to purchase high value coupons for groceries and/or discounts at online stores. After signing in, click on the “Get Rewards” tab and you’ll be able to start scrolling through the rewards they have available.

For 200 points you can order a coupon for free bag of  Pistachios or you can print a coupon for $2 off naked juice.Publix shoppers will also find $3 and $5 off your next purchase coupons for select areas. Many more on Get Rewarded page.
Ways to Earn:Earn 200 points today = Free Pistachios

There are a few new of ways to earn points on RECYCLE BANK right now!
First Register by clicking here then start earning
1)Play Partners in purpose for 25 points just play the game at the bottom of the page= 25 points
2)Earn 115 points in the GREEN YOUR HOME CHALLENGE
  • Kitchen — earn up to 70 points
  • Living Room — earn up to 45 points
  • Bed Room --- Earn 25 points
More rooms will be released throughout April, so check back to earn more points and win prizes!
3)Pledge for P&G future friendly for 10 points.Like them on facebook page and take the challenge to get 10 points
3)You can also earn 50 points when you take the AVEENO PLEDGE (3 different ones totaling 50 points).Should paste on your facebook page.
Making your total 200 and order your coupon for free pistachios by clicking on get rewards.

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